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[GIVEAWAY] SHINee World 2012 Arena Tour in Japan


So I’m finally back from the 10 days concert trip in Japan! My friends and I have attended 5 SHINee World concerts in Osaka and Tokyo, we’ve experienced an amazing concert trip together (: Received a lot of freebies while shopping there too! :3

Anyway let’s get straight to the point.. MAJOR GIVEAWAY! 


-    1 x:   SHINee World Concert 2012 Lightstick
-    1 x:   SHINee World Concert 2012 Confetti*
-    2 x:   Sherlock fan 
-    1 x:   Etude House tin box
-    1 x:   Etude House badge
-    1 x:   Etude House poster ver A
-    1 x:   Etude House poster ver B

All comes with the official flyers from SHINee World Concert 2012.
Will also include a random photo of SHINee during SWC 2012 (I got them outside of the concert hall).

*I might give out extra confetti depending on how much extras I have. I am giving them away until I have only one left to myself.

Photo references:

SHINee World Concert 2012 Lightstick:
SHINee World Concert 2012 Confetti: 
Sherlock fan: 
Etude House tin box: 
Etude House badge: 
Etude House poster ver A: 
Etude House poster ver B: 
Official flyers from SHINee World Concert 2012: 
Random photo.. I promise they’ll be good, like this: (it’s blurred and it is intended)

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